Advise VAT charges importing car

I am thinking of importing a 2008 or 2009 1.8l toyota. For those who imported their car, I need your advise. Generally how did you go about it and was it worth compared to buying locally? Which dealer can you recommend? What was percentage increase in price after paying VAT?

I’d recommend some chap I used called @wheelz. Stress free imports.


What was your experience

Just look for duty calculator online

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i am also interested

Pretty simple. Just inbox him your enquiries.

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get in touch with @SupremeGREAM on twitter and he will sort you out

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Wacha stress za importation…tembelea Canon Motors Mombasa. Gari kibao at reasonable prices.


Which car are u importing?I can outsource,clear and deliver the unit to you,let’s start first from which model,year of manufacture & c c ?

Unakimbilia ku-type instead of reading his post first…

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Wakenya mnapenda biashara sana. Ok toyota wish 1.8L, year 2008, how much roughly

Canon? Naonaga Kama hao mambuzi gari zao Ni Kama haziko poa compared to say Sabaki. Ume deal nao?

hao maboys hu play around na milage mbaya

Kuna wasee wame bought gari hapo tho they are first users in Kenya,gari inakaa kuchakaa Na radio imewekwa ingine mbovu ikang’olewa. Kenyans!!!
Mwingine pia Ku import anapata rims,spare key Na radio zimeishia. Man eat man


Better learn to use the word

…if u import a 2008 now, will it be in kenya in the next 18 days…i think 2009 is the way to go

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Thank you, that is good cash worth saving

“shaka”,my two cents though,when u import unasave a 100 to 150k,

Toyota wish it’s not a long lasting car,if it’s a family car that u are looking for endea the new shape Nissan wing road,it’s so much better & it will cost u less money in comparison to wish,

If u decide to import,tafuta a 2009 model,

Value ya wish nitakupa kesho


hate cars but i would avoid the importation hassle cost and vat notwithstanding.
just go to the local dealers and check out a nice ride depending on how much you know about cars