Hi Richard,
Post for me…

I married a lady who was pampered a lot. I knew nothing of that sort. When dating and few months [about 2 months] into marriage, she used to keep the house very clean. But after that, I plunged into a mess. I had to begin helping. Then because of her complaints while we worked, I opened a business for her so she could be away from the house. It gave me some peace while I organized the house. I finally convinced her to allow us have a house help who would help us because the dishes were not doing me well. But I don’t like the house help spreading our bed and doing some work at the bedroom. When I ask my wife to spread the bed or I do it myself, she’ll decide not to go to the business in time but instead resort to doing all the house chores. So, I have to leave the bedroom as disorganized and take her to the business. The help will get there, organize things…but when she comes!

Secretly, I pray that the house help would train her on how to cook better meals and on dishes and clothes. And when the help is away…oh man, the food I eat. I make sure I’m present at the kitchen.

And she’s began to complain that the help is lazy i.e.when she spots something so little not done.
ASIDE: Her sister told me recently they feared she’d stay in marriage because she was never allowed to cook, wash dishes or clothes. They had to organise with her elder sister to put up with her so she’d learn some of those basic skills.
We have talked a lot. What should I do?

He should have done due diligence before wifing /marrying her.

He married her because she was from a well to do family.

Some problems married couples go through… Can’t see the problem there though… If the man can cook si apike tu and teach the wife how to do it… No need of the house help… They made a decision to get married… They should work as a team. Kusaidiana.

This sounds like a lazy man. They actually sell dishwashers. For about 30k, you can get a decent one. Then take turns with the wife to make the bed. What’s all the discussions for?