Advice where to buy a tv @ cheapest price possible in Nrb

Am Looking at a suitable shop to buy a tv. 32" ama 42", irrespective of the manufacturer. Budget ya 25 to 35k, am thinkin if difference ya bei between the two is about 7 to 10k, I’ll go for the 42".

Bought a 32"samsung series4 lcd tv. After 1yr 2mths imekufa. I was watching then screen ikaflicker then turned white. Fundi anadai 10k ya kuchange screen. Nilimpa from Last yr Dec til now hajapata en he’s decided to refund the money since atakuwa tempted kuitumia. So am tired waitin, I need a new one quick.

If you want a cheap one tumana dubai.

Thank u, but I need one locally, hii story ya kutumana ecofriendly

kwani hiyo samsung yako haikuwa na warranty, niliwacha kama wanapeana warranty ya miaka mob.

Warranty was for 1yr

apart from samsung the only other brand i trust is sony.

To mi brand yeyote ok. I actually searched for the course ya hio tv kubehave that way kwa forums za samsung, apparently complains zilikuwa mob with that particular problem, en no solution was forthcomin. Kutengeneza was 75% the cost of the tv.

jaribu jumia basi

Thank you, atleast now ur helping

Buy a sony digital tv friend, 32" won’t cost you more than 32k

Ok, thank u

Lakini jua Sony spare parts ni vigumu kupata locally in case of repair.

Ubaya ya wakenya ni kushop na price instead ya product ile wanataka. I bought a Samsung lcd tv 32" series 5 in 2011 na iko up to now no complaints from mwenye niliuzia a year ago.
Buy quality not the price. Then deal na registered shops hapa kenya. Most high end tvs zile za full HD ku endelea I rarely hear complaints!

Nunua za Jumia, zitafit budget yako. Ama utafute watu wanauza wholeale utapata deal poa

Nadai monitor ya 4K display … Nipate wapi?

4K TVs are still very expensive. Hisense models are cheaper though if you browse em on the Web. Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic are expensive but they are worth the price. Only place you’re likely to get 4K TVs is the authorized centers and supermarkets. Don’t try Luthuli for such a product.

The dealers and the warias in LUTHULI ‘the real warias not kiuks’ source from dubai and there is very little difference btwn them major being dealership but the product is the same.

I’ve always wondered whether I can get a genuine Sony product like a Bravia tv in Luthuli coz of the price. I feel they can lie about originality, though there are websites to help check that. Any shops you can recommend?

I dnt knw it by name but there is a Sony dealer where former luthuli chips house was the new building. There is an Indian who sells original products there

Thanks man.