Advice to the 20 year old you

Wanakijiji, given a chance, what advice would you impact to the 20year old you?
For me:

  1. Save the little cash you earn ukianza job. Utashukuru mwili baadaye
  2. Friendzones dont eventually change, hakuna pussy utapata. Its a life imprisonment. Run away
  3. Kulana yako yote campus, usijifungie.
  4. Kunguru hafugiki!
  1. learn english, one word at a time…

Haha. Stop living in regrets! Pickup the left pieces and move! Until a time travelling machine is invented, hii post ni ya upuss!!


just have fun.

No 3. No no Tumia protection kila saa. Have 3 friends living positively na walikua wembe sana tukiwa campo mpaka naskia wivu but now they envy me. Had very few fuck mates in campo

BTW friendzones do change. Issafact!

Rare occurrence! Mimi niliwewa ingine hadi leo

Looking back si vibaya. In short umelearn nini tangu uwe kijana? Umejua kumix na turntable from sony shieth

you need to do something drastic! like being an even better friend than she had asked for! give her a shoulder to cry on! hivo ndio utajitoa!


what? his reputation?

he’s right, an advice to affect or influence

20 years might as well be today,what are you telling yourself now ?


Bang more

nyasuguta skuizi umetulia sana…what is

whop whup whoop!