Advice pls

Hi healty pal… pls someone kindly advice how to reduce one of my balls as its bigger than the other. Thanks?

Hizi points umezitafuta kwa hamu na ghamu. You’ll still be a villager even after climbing that lane.


I dont argue with women this days coz i have puppys and besides boys rule and girls drool…

If you had a brother and a dog I would choose the dog. :sunglasses:


337 messages and 75likes kimeearn 36bob…peasantry is real


Aki wewe si uko upus yani kutoka jana iyo ndo esabu umekua ukifanya? Na ndio uko na kichwa kubwa mtu anaeza dhani uko na akili kumbe ni upus. Wagwan!

Woishe… why do u say that?

You are a good example that the human species na live without brains.Engage your fellow retards

And now you think you are perfect wasting all your time calculating my kcr etc… you are the kind of pricks who thinks know everything. Haya basi kuja ukue acountant wangu unihesabu nywele ukimaliza za kichwa uteremke za mkunye. And pls come with the total kesho by saa saba or you will be fired

Exactly what am talking about.Stop being petty boy.Otherwise in my eyes you are pure mefffiiiii.Ignore button activated boy.Dont bother to reply i wont see


Kwenda kabisa kiherehere hii

The man even said, ‘woishe’. So hear him out and cut him some slack.