Advice On Taxi Business

Lets say I buy a 12yr old salon car nissan/mitsubishi/mazda at a resonable state of mantanance for 300-350k.
Lets also assume I have a “non relative” fellow who will be its taxi driver who has agreed to deliver 1,200 daily.
I take care of maintenance and insuarance. So far it appears I will return my money in 11months and start eating the car, what are the pitfalls.
Watu wamejaribu au watu wameskia hekaya kwa jirani your input is sought for!

Make it a toyota for that age of a car. Nissans and Mitsubishis of that age tend to rack up maintenance costs, esp for taxis, your customer dictates where you’re going.

Alafu si eating the car isn’t advised unless you have a side dish of pikipikis. Itakusaidia kumeza chuma ngumu ya gari.

The normal daily rate is 1,000 bob. The driver will buy the service oil and filter(you take the car for service yourself coz the guy will just fill in the service paper n will not do the service).

Tafuta driver mwenye ata maintain gari kama yake, then instist the guy never to give out for care hire nd the payments should be by-weekly ukisema per month jamaa anaweza ruka wewe.

Good point

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What about ikigonga mtu? Na ikivunja shock?

I am of the opinion that you insure the car (PSV) and have the guy take care of all maintenance and repairs. That way, ataitunza kama yake. You may then reduce the daily toll to 1000.

can I get a good toyota at that price? sitaki kitu itahitaji more than a year to pay

1,200/- per day pekee? Why don’t you buy a Nduthi, rent it to someone @ 1,000 per day!!!

haiya siku hizi nduthi ni 1k? last I heard mwenyewe anapewa abt 500 bob

Actually, it is 300 bob.

that range actually 500 bob I was pushing it

Last time I checked(like 2 years ago), 110 safi ilikuwa 350k. Lakini sasa si ni gari nzee? I don’t know if you can get a old shape premio for that cash.
Alafu skiza vile Ibwit na Aviator wanasema.

Also, 350k inaweza nunua nduthi ngapi? Fanya hizo hesabu it might be a better option kama ni hiyo 500 bob.

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can nduthii be tracked? Then pia jamaa akiamua kuiba karau hawatakua na shughuli

But it will be a fraction of your investment. Akiamua kuenda na gari ameenda na yote.

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1K per day? That’s a very poor ROI. Hiyo ni kununulia watu gari wajitajirishe as you suffer with loans repayments, vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Anything that moves, me no putting my money there! All the best Kaka.

Got a friend walipeana 300per day… After 2 months the guy alirudisha eti amenunua yake

This taxi business is tricky before you buyer that old thing ,you must have in mind a place ama shimo ya kutega otherwise people are so selfish and will not allow you to join them…it works well with people who have been in those bases/biz…otherwise ur bro atajiongelesha…

Na pia kazi ya hizo ‘karura’ ni risky juu ya car jacking

Exactly…there are big cartels in this business…lazima ukuwe member

The common mistake people make is just considering the income. 1200 per day sounds rosy, but the reality is way different. There are costs, and in transport business they are numerous. Start with maintanance, breakdowns and accidents. Next is monthly county parking fees. Traffic police and county kanjos corruption juu lazima ivunje sheria. Next and very important is downtime i.e when your vehicle is not earning due to being in garage, police station or dereva ni mgonjwa. Next is hekaya za dereva eti ooh kulikuwa na jam, cartels, barabara zilifungwa coz of this or that so sikumeet target etc etc. Finally and most disheartening is possibility of ua vehicle being stolen in collussion with driver or by just bad luck. In short invest in public transport as a last resort.