Advice on Online Work at Home Jobs

Wadhii, just wanted to know if any of you are engaged in these online jobs kama writing, data entry, web/graphic design, bookkeeping, online marketing, transcription, secretarial etc etc.

  1. Are they legit? Has anybody ever been gongwad?
  2. Any suggestions on sites one can try out for beginners?
  3. How much do they pay on average? Do they pay hourly, weekly or monthly?
  4. Does one need to put up very many hours? (Are they usually full time?)

But most importantly, how legit are they?

They are legit, i can attest to that.The first and most useful advice that i can give you is this;
[li]Get a mentor[/li][/ul]
it will save you a lot of pain and trouble…i’ve done transcription and some time i used to make 30k in a week but i was not disciplined, nilikua nalipa rent then hizo zingine tunakunywa na maboyz.I came to realize that it’s pretty hard to make it without discipline, which brings me to the second most important point:
[li]Cultivate discipline.[/li][/ul]


i’ve never come across anything legit other than which was too frustrating. the rest were scams that try to convince that by just paying a small one time fee you will quickly become very successful. beware!

They are legit, I had neighbour who did article writing and both him and his wife were very good at it…that’s all they did full time. They would lock themselves in and write so many articles for a week and then go shopping for a new TV with their earnings. Deeply respected those people

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where and how do you get one?


I had two very close pals of mine when in campus, they registered themselves in a website for doing assignments for lazy college kids in US. They were clever since they had registered multiple handles (they have like 8 each). Several years later, I can tell you for a fact, when you average what this guy makes per month, it comes to 500K. !!! The biggest expense is salaries coz he’s employed like 10 guys who write the articles. Kazi yake ni only proofreading and sending the finished assignment.


any contacts?

You want them to employ you ama? I cant give out their contacts for the mere reason that they fear KRA like crazy!!

@Riddim Those guyz are bigshot writers at Uvocorp. Register yourself @ Uvocorp and If you pass their English exam nakupea KES 5,000!!! ( This offer ends on 04 October 2015). Kazi kwako


Nop, I need something to do as a side hustle.

That is meee, am going for it…who knows, I might get registration and -:slight_smile:KES 5,000!!!

Registration is now closed[/SIZE]
Registration of new writers is currently not available.
You may check the web-site from time to time for the updates.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact us through [email protected]

Didn’t know that. Jaribu 5,000 still stands

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Fb groups on essay writing, there are some willing mentors there.

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Try the obvious ones. and
Do the English tests and voila! Though you have to be very good in APA/MLA writing styles
And yes, you can get good money if you are disciplined. And buy a “TV every week”:wink:

bad thing is that, they call you at their convinience. Wee hours of the night and give you a few hours or one to accomplish a task.

So you gotta have constant net…si a Safaricom modem for sure

Odesk and Elance merged, nowadays inatiwa Upwork

Yo! whats up with that avatar???

A friend helping out a friend in need

It’s not for the faint hearted!