Advice needed

Treadmill, at least 100k, na huwezi nunua moja pekee, various equipments, stima na hata hujanunua chuma bado, wala kulipa rent.

You could also identify something lacking huko ushago and fill up that gap. Ama it has to be in this city?



Half a million bob? A million and one things flash in my mind…
One involves kashamba kama one acre hivi. You can go into agribiz,si ile large scale or green houses. Start small, plant cabbages and tomatoes,things that take three months to mature na upate vijana kukusaidia na kufanya kazi saa ile uko hustle ingine. Its labour intensive but ya money is more that enaf…
Two unaeza nunua tuktuk uindeshe mwenyewe. Believe me you can,make upto 2.5K a day.
Three,isipokuwa ni vile wanatandika pombe vita,that capital can start a wholesale liquor store. Unapeleka 100K kwa UDV na ingine 100K kwa KWAL. 50K unapeleka ASL…n voila,Una stock. 50K ni rent na county n central gava licences etc…


There was a time I had a chat with a mudu wa nyumba friend of mine and he was telling me about him having hired a piece of land somewhere around Narok and he planted ngano. Said he realised some nice cash out of that venture. I did not get the finer details, anyone in the knowhow

you telling him to start big na hata customer mmoja hana?
if he wee to start with only one of the equipments and set the gym in the not soo prime location.
what estimate would you give him?

Was also thinking along those lines, not necessarily in the city


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That white guy I think he is the richest of them all.

Get creative.
I was reading the Saturday Nation (courtesy of our very own @highschooler ) and there was the story of the Kiambu MCA who is doing sweet-potato farming. He is making a fortune, and the investment is less than your half million.

You do not have to copy-paste him. Why not make sweet-potato crisps? Or you start a business of distributing peeled and chopped potatoes to the many fastfood joints in town? I will sell you a tuk-tuk to make the deliveries easier :slight_smile:

@Carbon hapo umenipata but still ideas are welcomed. You never know

Yea my wife used to work for some bullyish lady in an uptown salon and I think she can be of much help if I chose to go that direction

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What I’m saying is that it isn’t sufficient if he wants to make decent money. Gym ya mtaa won’t cut it any more. Estimate nilipeana hapa juu ya 2.5m.

Let me put it like this, would you pay for an underequipped gym?

it is good to walk in a mine field or play rissia roullette(trying new ideas which you cant patent)
but if your money lives to see the end of the game you will get a pigs orgasm.
it lasts 30 minutes

depends if i will get the value of my money.
leave the mad middle class who will drive for 100 metres to the gym and spend the next three hours in the gym taking selfies having not worked out

Ok, you need to consider that you cannot spend your whole day at the salon…but you can start it up and help your wife manage finances

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in other words it is hard to be a woman

I think it is best you venture into something you personally understand and not rely on a third party for critical information on the same and day to day running

Halafu you once stated that you were not married



If you have some land somewhere not necessarily nairobi nunua kuku 400 anzia hapo. the hustle pays well but you have to be hands on…enda farming kenya facebook, very insightful info there. kama si hivyo I see you have a car, visit Uber taxis and see if they can allow you to do a taxi bizna with them, no parkimg fees, safe clients constant income.