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I’m with @Mathice on this. This is probably not the right time for you to get into business. For starters, you need to look at your average monthly expenses (housing, elec, water, phone/internet, food, clothing and, if you’re like many talkers, entertainment, etc). Make sure you have sufficient liquid cash to cover those for at least 6 months.

After that, give some serious thought to some of the business ideas being floated here and do a survey to find out how much it’d cost to set each one of them up and compare against the capital available to you. If you’re looking at a biz that’ll be housed in a building, you can almost be sure the goodwill alone will more or less decimate the 500k depending on your location.

To me, and I say this with the utmost of good intentions, it seems like you wanna go into biz simply to prove a point to your former employer. Some would call it pride. If this is the case, as someone may have said once before, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” It might be worth you swallowing your pride and considering getting back into employment but this time with a plan: to save up the capital required for your biz (hence the reason I’ve advised that you look at start-up costs up there). Not many commercial lenders are willing to lend to start-ups that’s why almost always the initial capital will come from your savings.

Don’t forget that the business environment can often be harsh and unforgiving when you make errors. Would that capital tide you off in a worst case scenario?

Somehow, and I say this with the best of intentions, anyone who comes to me asking what business they should run does not strike me as having the fire-in-the-belly for business. After all, with the suggestion having come from others, do they really ‘own’ it? I’d much rather you look at what you’re passionate about, your skill set, your hobbies/interests and look at what business you can get into that effectively utilizes that, rather than getting into a given field merely because I suggested it. Keti chini kwanza and give it some serious thought.

That said, I know people are different and there’ll be those who’ll take a different path from the crowd. I hope you’re one of them.

I wish you nothing but the best in whichever path you decide to take. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.


Passion!Passion! Passion…the main ingredient for success. Don’t look at the capital you have or the money you want to make just go for it. The only thing that will keep you going when everything else fails.

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Those are the exact targets.

If they get to his gym to take selfies their loss,his gain, free social media advertisement while they have already paid membership fees

I wish you have a plot anywhere in Nairobi and start small farming e.g. straw berries, passion fruits, and mostly kienyenji chicken. It wont fetch muuuuuch but it will cater for your daily needs. My story.


do you think that is class he should target?
considering all the factors.
i would not advice him to take a loan because those people can auction even your own mother.

personal question.
i know you are fitness enthuasist.
do you prefer a fancy gym or you can go anywhere the workout gets done?(obviously by somebody who understands how the human mind and body works)

unfortunately they are the ones with the disposable cash, however, kuna hizi za mtaa vijanaa wanalipa 30 bob on a daily basis kama ako interested aanze hapo

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how you package what you want somebody to buy draws the thin line btw profit and loss.
he can even go low tech,economies of scale.
target the obese brats in the suburbs.
milk the same middle class

you could start an accounting firm do accounts and auditing for muhindi. tax filing period freelance acct/auditors make good money. Auditing firms also hire on contract when they have huge projects. Move in do your stuff make cheddar move on

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I understand you want business in Nairobi. BUT, this is where i would go back to the villages nikakue broker. Just buy what is in harvest, ingia Narok wakivuna ngano, Rift valley nunua mahindi and sell them, Oloitoktok nunua beans and all other places. In fact, it is approaching festive seasons, buy those China clads and shoes za Easich and Mombasa at throw away prices, peleka ocha exchange them with farm produce. You make profit on the apparel and on the farm produce. Alafu nirudi Nairobi nifungue biz yangu mos mos. Don’t thank me later.



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Enda business 101 facebook page and thank me later.


Anywhere the workout gets done is fine, but I won’t pay 10k for a gym worth 5k. It has to match what I’m paying.

Kawambui si umetroll leo wah!

if only one person gets what i am implying.
it is fine with me.
you mean i am out of touch with reality?
looks are deceptive

everytime I read your posts
I feel like I’m reading a chaotic Haiku
bla bla
i can’t get the count right

if i told you i dont care what virtue people feel.
would you share my sentiments