advice needed.

anyone who has had the experience of the German machines, and more precisely an Audi A4, OLD MODEL, what are ALL the things to look out for, before getting into a sale agreement for the same?
your advice is appreciated.

that’s the same as a passat. the usual passat sensitivities apply. dig up a thread where somebody was purchasing a passat and start there

Spare parts ,be ready to cough extras,mafuta ni guzzler and why go for the old model?


For how much are you purchasing it?

if Audi is like a Passat, then it is a good machine. I bought a Diesel Passat 3 weeks ago and it is excellent. Just be careful on where you fuel, plus regular maintenance. It is far much economical than my former 1500cc Toyota.

Just dig up an earlier thread by myself.

which year? the term old model is relative

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It must been a very busy month for you! From Buying a passat to getting a coil inserted on your Ass in less than 30 days? truly you are a busy she-Male


I envy you. kwanza manual dyum!


Yea it has.
Anything wrong with that?

its a 2000 model.

in terms of fuel consumption ama?

someone was advising me that in as much as the spare parts are expensive, once you buy the same, the trips to the garage are minimal, besides the normal checks. how true is this?

quoted price is 700k. still doing my negotiations.

Did i say there was anything wrong? are you guilty?

Yes. The car uses half what my toyota was using. Maybe coz it is newer, manual and Turbo Diesel.

Why would I be guilty for having an IUCD? Would you feel guilty if you underwent a vasectomy aka castration (if you haven’t, that is)?

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Read peoples advice…and take it with a pinch of salt. DO whatever pleases you so that in the end, you will own up to your decision! If you wanna buy it, just go ahead…a car should not give you so many problems, as long as you can afford it in the first place!

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I will be guilty if i claim to have IUCD when in the real sense im supposed to have underwent a vasectomy .Got the drill?

a neighbor has one, the main problem he once had was the failing of the digital display portion of the instruments cluster, it required the replacement of the whole unit; another issue he had with the check engine light that was due to a problem with the torque converter.Otherwise nothing much he says its a good car, fast and he goes on road trips just like the average Japanese car owner, maybe speak with @grace msalame to advice you on diagnostics, the naked eye can’t tell you much or the old mode of testin with raving the engine and driving the car at break neck speed then breaking. All the best


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