Advice needed

How do you guys dump someone you have been with for years and not look back. Mimi najaribu mpaka deleting 1000s of photos, deleting numbers, doing excercises and eating other Kungurus but it is not working. So i wanted to hear how you guys deal with that especially if there are lots of emotion, history and finances involved.

…simple question, what is motivating you to leave her? Once you get that right…it will be easier. Na kama kuna hekaya ilete tuchambue :smiley:

uko na deni yake ya how much?

just ghost her…and you have a scarcity mentality??

Resistance is futile

its hard coz namba yake iko etched kwa kichwa yako huwezi force akili isahau. what always works ni after you enter into a new relationship then the new woman starts erasing the other ones memories. but bado atakusaka especially kutombana.

Fits the dynamics of a lovespell, the perfect solution would be to visit a prophet.

Alternatively practice will power: cut off ties and focus entirely on aspects you loathe about her. Anytime she comes to mind, counter the thoughts with the aspects you detest and you will be amazed of the results.

Vile umeambiwa hapo juu. Ghost her.

Ati love spell and prophets. I can’t believe we have adults who are this stupid.

Tofauti yako na followers wa pastor Nganga, Owuor, Kanyari and other conmen ni Infinix na logins za Kenyatalk

Lol…your ignorance is astonishing. The same said for your naive and uninformed nature. Anyway, I had foreseen that and that is why I provided 2 alternatives.

You must be as damn stupid as they get if you are oblivious of the fact that evil spirits exist, witchcraft is real and God exists.

Just to prove of what a birdbrain you are, kindly elaborate on how the earth come to be and the fundamentals of life and afterlife…since you think that there is no supreme being. I’ll wait.

Mtu anataja prophets na love spells najuanga tu ni fala.

Mtu haezi explain philosophy yake ni fala wa mafala…typical birdbrain just as predicted

I have such a woman. The other women I chew 2 or thrice and I fly cut communication kabisa. But her, the curviest and sporty legged shiny eye I know. I have deleted her number but I know it offhead, I block her and unblock her after few days, when communication has died down she calls me in a very weak voice and my hairs erect. Partly I think ni vile I have only eaten her only once.

I have posponed a mission critical money meeting because she was to come by. She didn’t.

oneitis is killing you :smiley:

Sema tu umedumpiwa

Not a very good position to be in, esp if there are a lot of triggers. For me, there was one that we broke up I deleted Truecaller and all backups of the phone contacts, WhatsApp and factory reset my phone but still mysteriously found the contacts. When I heard certain songs they triggered a lot of things. If it refuses don’t fight it just go back unless she was a she-devil.

Angoo leta hekaya

The creation theory has no proof. God might have created the earth but then again maybe the earth might have been pooped by a giant alien. As long as no proof is presented, these two hypotheses are equally absurd and the burden of proof is on you believers.

I hear you…which one do you think is the most probable hypothesis ?
Also, which one do you believe in ?