Advice needed: Domain Registration and Web Hosting

I need to create a company website, preferably with a TLD. A quick Google search shows (presumably) the top providers in Kenya; kenic, webhostkenya, domainskenya, sasahost, kenyawebexperts, eacdirectory.

Anyone with first hand experience? Which one is the most reliable?


They host lots of big shots hence quite reliable

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I’de go for eacdirectory

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Hosting and domain registration are two different things. Get a. domain name from what @The.Black.Templar mentioned, dont host locally. Use Hostgator or BlueHost.

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Hosting peleka Bluehost way cheaper n better options than kenyan hosts. Domain nayo u can buy from those listed hapo

Bluehost are quoting $3.50 per month while the Kenyan ones are quoting about 1,000/- anually

1000 ni ya domain. Hosting huwezi pata na 1000. Good hosting ni 5 k kuendelea

One of them quoted exactly that (1000) for web hosting. Ngoja niweke screenshot

I don’t need very high quality hosting … I’m just creating a briefcase company :slight_smile:

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@admin atakusort. Inbox him

Most Kenyan web hosts are just resellers and choose the crappiest webhosts. Low uptime, capped bandwith etc. I actually pay $100 per year for an account that hosts over 10 domains.

wewe unakuanga nu ushenzzy thats irrelevant

domain registration + web hosting done, each @1,000/= ( Next up … web design. @Web Dev saidia na advice hapa

Wewe hosting ya 1000. What are the features?

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@vuja de, hii maneno ulimaliza, what has been your experience? Then is webhosting 1,000 then registration 1,000 ama zote mbili ni 1,000

They are charged separately @1000 each.

Nimemaliza registration. Just needed it to form a briefcase company

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