Advice:Best Power Bank

Any idea? Need one with a real capacity of over 30,000Mah

Tiger T850

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picha? Would prefer a slim one.

Are there some official power banks from the likes of samsung and other recognised brands? Most in the market look so china.

Mblo nataka za kucharge simu on the go sioni nkiingia nahio kwa pub. :D:D

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I highly doubt, it’s like those iPhone blue tooth hands free.

Hehehe. pole.

Anyway on a serious note, there isn’t any in the market from those brands. Saw a Samsung 3000mAH at the Airtel shop opp I&M. For your capacity, kaa tu china. They are worth while it lasts.

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Hahaa thats funny


Ujinga ni kusema huwezi tumia simu ya china and currently Safari com is running all it’s operations from Huawei technologies platforms from… yes, you guessed right China.

30,000 mAh :eek::eek: kwani unataka kuanzisha biz ya kucharge masimu for 20 bob kwa mat na kwa pub ?


A business idea right there!

[SIZE=3]Vinsic 20,000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank Giveaway[/SIZE]

Wasn’t that contract discontinued during MJ’s era? If my memory serves me right, he had some very ‘colourful’ words for them too at the time that decision was made.


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That means it can charge a high end smartphone for over 10 times.

Enda uanzishe. I demand a 10% commission on all profits, for the idea

Unatembea kwa mat kama wale wanauza peremende, ama kwa pub kama wale wanauza mayai, ukisema … "sharge simu na bao, sharge simu na bao … "


30,000 mAh …? Si ungetafuta tu battery ya lorry

Hao watu wa counter huingiza pesa mob through this business, iko mmoja niliuliza ni ngapi bila ku bargain akaniambia 300 bob, nikamwambia shika 50 bob akakubali, but in most places it’s around 50 bob, so if 30 clients come in wanataka simu ikuwe charged, then that’s a side hustle right there.Open standards in charger ports make it even better, kama ni smartphone unajua lazima utapata compatible charger, that’s one thing i congratulate the manufacturers for agreeing upon.