Advert alert: Nunua sweater

Retailing only at ksh1000. Available now at Fashion Comfy shop. Situated at Sasa Mall adjacent to MKU city campus along Moi Avenue.

Na hii Jua yote surely?

Question, Bwenya inakuja na huyo ngoko?

Siwes mind kulipa thao

I kind’a like the sweaters. Are they from China? Also would be nice to know what sizes are available so I can check some out for my mum.

Yes they are from China. But we bought the stock before the outbreak of Coronavirus

Kwani jioni na alfajiri hakuna baridi?


La hasha.

She is married

Oki sizes ni gani?

Ulisema ako na ball,kwani haijakuwa kubwa.Are you going to advertise pregnancy clothes with her when it becomes big,please do.

I would like to see you dressed in one

I am coming home this year…still not decided when! but def…2020. Na msiende mitini nikiwambia niko area…:smiley:
Shifo… did not even find the time to advertise the sizes…we come in all shapes and sizes…yawa…
The girl does have some good pieces but KT hakuna beibs…and the dudes here are busy bashing their wives so unlikely to buy them any stuff…


The husband will decide

Welcome my sister. I hope you will make some purchases when you pop into the country

I will …for sure.

Sitawai kusamehea wewe,she went nikikwambiaga tu rusha number

Ati kwenda mitini tari ringi…will be waiting anxiously

Nakuom… but what about la familia? are you willing to meet them all?..coz the other talkers on my line up have families and they are all looking forward to family catchups except denis young he is single…I must invade his mancave tho.

This is going to be funny v funny unless they change their phone numbers ASAP. And houston houston they have a problem on their hands. We have shared a lot so I kinda know where they reside kikiki.

So it will be hello ello, guess who is in your yardie? Mrs shosho aka finest wine please could you come and meet me/us at abcd…cannot wait.:smiley: