Adulterous Jezebel

Thats the message you wake up to find it on your phone screen as a pop up text, what first comes into your mind?

???sielewi hii takataka

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message gani?! kama hii ya profile pic yako ama?!

Mbisha ni muhimu…Otherwise hekaya tuliziacha huko-----------------------------------------------------------> Krost.

DID you cheat on that church guy

Si your handle indicates that you have hairy balls and you are in no way a Jezebel?

I like the message in your profile pic

More details needed.:mad:


Uwes that could be the case though am not a member of room254 I’ll assume fool picked a wrong number


osungu amepiga wewe chenga

niliendea refund

once a grammar cop…

The message is the title of the topic… for the slow ones

grammar Nazi, kiingereza kilikuja na meli.

@Str8up welcome to Ktalk, what took you so long?

I’ve been here for quite awhile its only that i had only been reading the comments and peeps status but iinactive on posting