Ads are coming to WhatsApp Status next year, are you ready?


Telegram hoiyee , all hail Telegram. In the meantime i have a dedication for Facepube /Whatsapp.

:D:D:Dthe only reason people love Whatsapp is it’s ad free…

We shall just uninstall the app

I’m only hoping telegram will make video calls available. I’ve slowly been ditching whatsapp just like I ditched fb.

Mnadhania zuckerberg alimwaga 19 billion dollars bure? Hio pesa lazima irudi na faida.

For video call i prefer google duo,its very clear.

Let me take a look at it. I’ve been avoiding it as well coz it would mean leaving this app and telling the other user to download this app…cumbersomenessations…

The only WhatsApp I have on my phone is the business version… hii ingine stopped using last year

Ubaya ya wakenya hatupendi change, as long as WhatsApp is free sioni wakenya wakihama

We are not ready yet, but probably will really be for sure. I do not understand how all that is going greatly and slowly … ads will be simply everywhere and that’s really it and nothing less. I may stop using it and start getting back to Skype, too bad that less people use it.