Adoption and foster systems in America

So if government pays people to foster kids and adopt them, how do they know who is just after the money and who genuinely wants to be a foster parent? Too much abuse in foster systems. Why CPS so quick to remove kids from the biological parents but not following up on foster homes as much. @Simiyu22

That system is complicated. They do monitor the parents. But there are people on it for money. In fact you can make a good living out of it. By the time CPS takes kids, something is definitely wrong. Remember that CPS has to take you in front of a judge to take away your parental rights. They have to prove their case with hard facts. Without which, theres little they can do. You can put them to task with an attorney.

Remember that if CPS are called about a complaint for one child, and they find such valid, they will take all your kids away. Permanently. Usually they come and investigate and give you a warning,

That system is seriously flawed, if it’s not a group home why add 2 kids to a family of 4 very young kids it seems like it’s just money minting more kids more money. Weird thing is that they often return kids to biological parents who are still on drugs. They have returned so many kids only for them to be killed shortly after.