Admit It

Team RWNEBP and UOTP are all tribal. They are about defending their tribes kingpins. Do we need rocket science to prove that this two Wasenges are bringing this country down?? Mara wamekopa pesa, mara wamekuna matako kwa public, mara wamesambaza kipindupindu. Mara… Oh boy.Na bado mtu anawatetea.
Ile team ingine ya UOTP, hao sijui mambo yao, but we are all tribal, we are behind them, for the sole reason of: Ni mtu wetu.

Therefore hizi arguments zenyu hapa hold no water. Last time i checked all politicians were evil. Just admit you are behind them because they from your tribe. Meffi


nimeona umesahau wale hulia macho kama mbwa Mzee

Tag hao

kwani babuon ni talker?

So tusi-support mtu for the sole reason ati ni wa kabila yetu? Hiyo bado ni ukabila! Discriminating people for being kabila yetu! Plus it is just normal human reaction to the current political setup. A famous poem reads;

Me, my brother, my neighbor, against the alien.
Me, my brother, against my neighbor.
Me against my brother.

Even without tribes, people still find other grounds to hate each other. Angalia Somalia na kabila ni moja, they fight over clans! Go within clans and families are fighting! Another poem (By Kayper-Mensa);

From afar our woods,
Of Church, Of clan, Of class,
Look a solid mass of tress.
Only when you walk on grass among them is it known,
That each tree stands alone.

The way out of tribal cocoons is to move the country into party politics. Have two main parties with equal representation across the board. That way, tribe will cease to be the key determinant in the voter’s head. In the current political situation, however, forgive people for behaving like NORMAL human beings!

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Uhuru One Term President

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sema tena


Uhuru Our True President kumbe ata @culture unajuanga?


never ever


No worries…you will have the better part of the next five years to reconcile with the fact.

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Umeenda mbali sana, umepotea kwa topic

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Too serious I guess, RETRACTED!