Admin nini mbaya na hii site? Ama ni account yangu?

Nimeshindwa kujibu inbox za new members


Hadi security

Ni browser yako most likely.

Buda, si you hook up standard ya leo tafadhali?

  1. members should follow each other kwanza juu ya different privacy settings
  2. wachana na stock browser

Vipi village idler

Admin, bona am still a new villager tho av bn around for almost one year, and what is this crap about no privilege to post here or u need a happy ending?

Hehehehehe, and I just became a village elder!

Nimetest browser tatu… Orhela mini, Browser inbuilt ya simu, ucbrowser na bado iko na hii ufala
Paper sina access saa hii… Till kesho ama Monday ivi

Aaah sasa hii mambo ya following each other ilitokea lini? I still inbox some talkers na hatufuatani :-/

Poa sana Obama anakam kulegalise tabia yako ya ufagoe lini?

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compare your stats

na za wengine


ranks are given based on contribution n not by sitting on the fence

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check your privacy settings utaona. it has been there so that watu wasilie wanasumbuliwa inbox

Mimi anybody can inbox me… Space ya reply imefunikwa na hizi adverts ze kifala fala

Sijui Mbona ya huyu inakataa

Almost a year…joined may 5th 2015??? Aje sasa?

inbox me jina lake

Adblock mara that

Can i see a screenshot of the ads covering the reply space. We use Google adsense in this site n so far sijaona an intrusive add. Unless you use a free vpn that places ads while you are browsing

The guy is using a proxy which is injecting its own content…probably even sniffing his information…quite insecure but thats what free proxies are doing.

probably. the price for being way too paranoid about security n not using the best methods