Big boss sir,please pray tell me,how is it that whenever I log into KTalk,I see the following statement:
“You have insufficient previlleges to post here” and yet I do manage to do a posting every once in a while.

Si kwa ubaya but every person with a smartphone essentially holds the entirety of all human knowledge in their hands. Virtually any question can be answered almost instantaneously. There is no excuse for casual stupidity. You should be able to answer absolutely any question you have on your own.

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i would ask the same. ndiyo sijaweka hekaya…

…and the answer to this particular query is…

weka screen shot hata wewe, niki meni!

Wacha nimsaidie na screenshot! [ATTACH=full]8398[/ATTACH]

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@Lifeist, I too see this when I use the all threads tab to view all the threads instead of moving from forum to forum. It never bothers me really as I’m able to post & edit nevertheless.

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@Goks for me to post i have to go back to the particular group…nat really a bother as well!

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That is admins area. You cant edit threads can you?

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Hii ni browser gani?

UC browser…i browse on my fone smiling!


No you cant!

I can edit threads from here without having to go back to the originator forum.

UC browser is the best

1st tym i logged in ktalk i was using opera mini…damn it wz so annoying, cummbersome, navogation wz a headache logging in! I infacy exhaled it all on @ol monk (pole brathe) bt now am gud with UC browser! Actually i no longer use opera mini!

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UC mini? How is it vis-a-vis Opera Mini?

UC mini v/s opera mini.

Am using UC v10. Something…its fast, super dupa fast downloads and its lite compared to opera, page layouts ziko juu na av realised haimumunyi data ssana compared tu when i was using opera mini! Thats my take from my comparison!

Ni UC mini ama UC browser?

UC browser!