how about if we had a section (a tab) where members can share links to interesting blog posts from the internet, those that show on the front page will be the ones with most upvotes. This would provide an avenue for you to earn extra buy selling positions on the front page like they do on sites like reddit, meame, and wykop.

Just saying if you don’t take this business opportunity now, someone else will

i guess you raised a similar suggestion kama hii sometimes ago… lakini inaonekana nikama admin hako idhaa ama hajiskii… lakini ni vile tu atataka

i think maybe hana know-how on how to go about it. Hii ni template tuu kutoka xenforo huitaji special skills ku-install. Admin angekuwa ana earn big by now, hadi ange-target east africa na kuwa na categories za regions lakini i guess anapenda kuvuta kiti na ku-scroll for hoya.

East Africa has not been tapped and anyone with the potential akiona hii thread kenyatalk kwisha!

i hope he’s listening

if you want to know why this may not work, visit websites for other countries that are similar to this one. LANGUAGE BARRIER! 3/4 of the posts are in sheng and swanglish. If you target the kenyan market only, maybe. But if Tanzanians and Ugnadans have no idea what is happening when Kenyans talk, what do you think about the rest of Africa or American and european readers?

aha am sure kenyagen admin maeby ameona… lakini sijui

you can contact admin kwa inbox labda hajui … na hawezi tokelezea hapa aseme hajui :smiley:

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kwani wewe
si this is a kenyan site?!.. proudly kenyan… we can speak all languages available… ikifika other countries wakijoin tutajua lugha ya kuongea… no one here dosent know proper english

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this would definitely work for east africa as the target audience.
Forums are not a place you worry about language barrier, admin can have the domain www.kenyatalk.com as the landing page where featured posts from any of the countries are shown and have tabs for /Kenya, /Tanzania…

better yet, he could keep the site just the way it is and have extra tabs for members to share interesting posts from the internet and create separate sites for each east african country and include links to these site as flags at the top.

Perhaps you’re right and i apologize if I’m not up to speed with these things, i’ll try my best to catch up.

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wazi admin, you took the bait.

now that i have your attention hio suggestion ya tabs to share and upvote/downvote links inaweza saidia sana luelimishana hapa. Hoya hazitoshi kaka, ama inaonaje?

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I suggest you add a poll to this thread and at the end of the day we should be able to see what the community thinks, it’s not my call.


fair enough

Where’s the poll?

@PewterShmit post thread ikiwa na poll alafu mod ama admin wataipin hapo kwa all threads atakama ni msiku siku kadhaa