ma posts are being deleted left right center. Old monkey and crew need to grow up and have a stomach of different personalities as mods. I thought the forum is for expressing oneself and i am not infringing on anyone’s rights.


what was the reason of terminating the thread Admin?

@ol monk
as @Wakanyama said thats your threesome.


I was actually surprised that the thread was deleted. I dont know why these @admin and the rest of the mods are catching feelings like that. It wasn’t porn being posted or tribal remarks. Im sure if we started a thread with guys tukanaing each other without any mention of mods the thread would stay up.

Corretion: not deleted but replies to thread prohibited.

that was ma suprise

Its quickly becoming a police state, mongoose wamejaa,
“absolute power corrupts absolutely”


Wewe monkey how did mocking someone amount to abuse… acha umama… ati mafeelings coz I retaliated after your dis.

If that was the case almost every thread on this site would have that kifuli on it. Every other reply is an insult. You guys are quick to pull the trigger on a a handle or an entire thread when you are the subject of it, but if its me and @Cypher254 going at each other you won’t do a thing. That is bull and you know it.

That is true. But tell us this, in that entire thread of @ekamsweu, you didnt even once try to explain to the guy if you had done anything to his handle. And even when guys started telling him to go to hell, and he ignored that and still called you guys out, noone gave an explanation. Then you just censored the thread. How is that moderating anything?


Boss how have I insulted you…

And if someone make does report it? how are we to know? I could just be talking trash with no malicious intent but are you guys going to gag us everytime someone hits the report time? Flag the message as inappropriate and tell the author. Dont just delete stuff. If the author sees that there is something wrong with the post then the onus should be on them to delete the offending post themselves. You guys should be the last line.

wameifunga na padlock ata mimi nimeshindwa kureply

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Wewe monk wacha za ovyo y do you want to micro manage the group? Do you have a muhindi complex?

very much so. And so far in this very one sided conversation you have given no reason or rebuttal to any of the points im trying to put across. If you are incapable of answering then bring in the other mods or better yet @admin

Can you then caution :warning: the said member before deleting? and let us know who deletes stuff…

Ok fine. It doesnt make sense for me to know who reported me for a comment i made. Then rather than delete the comment, flag it and lock that specific handle from making any more comments on that thread.
Shutting down the thread does nothing make the person create another thread which is just a repetition.

All catchy and personal. My two cents. We have incognito handles so that we can easily dissociate with them when someone oversteps the fine lines. Some guys here(no names) have been called gay. Others mocked on imaginary sodomy…if reporting were to be done we will turn into a nursery school.

‘Never feed the trolls’ shall be the law. Try ignoring them it is like magic @ol monk

Its all well and good to have that in your t & c…but if you want to promote conversation on this forum bluntly applying the “at our discretion” clause to kill a thread will keep guys away. Because after all, if people cant take a joke, why post anything?

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Let be known today Mimi sitaki hizo padlock zenyu on any of my threads… If a villager feels like my pussy is not tight enough and want to rant about my LPD…priss admin let them rant! Don’t protect my feelings!
Any member can post all the upuss they feel like writing!
Soon @nairobilay will be posting my twat from our weekend lay in Nairobi… DO NOT…DELETE… Kwani admin ni nini? Without some people this village will be boring as fuck!


Flag it and hide its conent, and give a reason for why its gone that is visible to all.
If you deleted this comment now, how would i know why its gone? Or anyone else for that matter. If i know where the line is then i will go to the edge but i wont cross it.