Goodmorning hope your sunday is coming along just fine. I have a suggestion kindly look into it to see if it improves the site. Kindly introduce a share button while surfing you bump into stuff that one may wish to share on other platforms like whatsapp,e mail etc
secondly i think time is ripe for chat since a member might want a specific help from a specific talker without bothering the entire village asante sana

such threads improve the richness of the content in the forum, don’t know if it will be good for business to divert them to personal chats, lakini kina le’ monk ndio ma board members lets see what they will come up with

to chat with a member: click on member username, the click information, next click on start a conversation n thats it. chat hadi uchoke. the chat will be private na utakatia @Unicorn bila stress ya snooping eyes.

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@ iemei enda ukakatiane fb.

Private messages tayari ziko. I’ve been using them.

@admin please fix the time stamp…this site is called kenya talk but hiyo time code sio ya 254

Goodmorning too

Am using a phone to access the site kumbe am fully explore it thanks doc

Hehe hapa kuna female species kweli? I highly doubt hizo female handles may be as well as tree holders no offence to ladies incase wako around

I also thought groups would help. Like tagging all divas with @divas group, all mafisi at @fisi, wankers at@wankers, mods at @Judas etc.

I have purr27 pix…this chic is hot…

meka mbisha tuone…i just want a glimpse of the titties na kunyi pekee

Wacha nifike mtaa iko kwa laptop ya myne

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zingine achia facebook

Ok, hio wacha. I know the odds of the infinite monkey theorem proofing true twice is almost zero.

What about being able to like my own thread or comment? Doesn’t charity begin at home?

Also, when someone likes my comment, I should also be able to like that “like”, and the person should be able to like that like that I liked his like, and again, I can like back, and if the person appreciates, s/he can like the like I liked for their like for my like of their like in my post. If I like their like, I can also like back to show that I like the fact that they liked me liking their liking for my liking of their liking of my liking of their liking for my post. To avoid confusion, limit it to 128 likes/counter-likes.

Why does this word kunyi always have to appear in all your comments, just thinking aloud

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What stopped you from implementing them in klist where you were an admin? Your attempt at acting funny has been noted

Mimi sikatiangwi ovyo ovyo.

Playing hard to get

yeye ni mzee, iyo ni sheng ya watu over 30