in order to sustain this village , in my opinion you need ads… lakini si kama za klist ati sijui who is callin u, am za kuuwa mende !

my 2 cents

I think he is developing this site out of his own resources and free time.

But let me say this however, first work on increasing traffic to this site and sooner or later something will come up. Its more about impacting the community(Positively) than gaining from it!

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hahah ati kuuua mende!! i remember it

ads ni poa but zinaweza sumbua website sana

zinahitaji moderation

Na Kung’oa meno ya shush mwingine hapo. where was Wanderi(rip) gettting them from?

Ungepata whenever u tried to access klist via mofon, u first had to be redirected to some other page

Is it possible to have the alert icon back to where it was?

I liked it where it was before too.