Admin Your Attention Here

Please can we have a dedicated category for newspapers and such. I think its better for @Aurak and friends to be posting the newspaper there for archiving purposes and easier location.

It’s better than searching for a newspaper through other listings.



Seconded …

In the search box just type “Gatheti” and check the “search by title only” you’ll get everything.

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sii hii kitu Aurak huhakikisha iko kwa News and politics category
i dont see the need

Great idea

or introduce a library section where gatheti and other literature zitakua posted


I agree. Gatheti is already catered for. No need.

you never be sure kama supply ya gazzeti ita kua maximum wiki mzima…

Great. Got some ebooks siwesmind sharing.


seconded. pia mimi niko na ebooks najua alot of guys here would appreciate

kama mko na Ebooks si mpost hapo kwa General… nobody will pull them down

No way, They will become hard to trace. Sometimes you can’t even remember what it is you are searching for, take for example you want a newspaper ya 29th January, it would be virtually impossible to get unless they are in a dedicated category where you can just scroll through all of them till you find it.

This also applies to ebooks as well

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ushai tumia search engine ya hii site!!! very easy to find… weee tafuta tu jina moja na itakuletea results… its very easy kutafuta kitu huku than klost where you had to think of the human who posted it, perruze through his/her listings untilll upate kenye unataka… ama you post a listing asking about it…
ktalk iko better

categories zitakua mob for nothing

Actually I have, and I never got what I was searching for…

Thirded! Admin, uki-gweka vile the black amesema, nitapost 2nd edition ya Dr Comfort’s “the joy of Sex”


Weka kwa sexuality

At this rate soon mtaomba hadi section ya kuwek hekaya next muombe ya recycled shit. Next muombe ya new villagers halafu senior villagers baadaye muombe ya kutusi old monkey museme eti u want to keep track of all his insults baadaye muombe ya hekaya za @kabuda museme mnataka kufuata soap opera yake na mzulu mkiwa na bibi zenu halafu muombe @admin aweke category ya @Luther12 kutibu kaswende baadaye muombe ya @Supu don akiita watu swits b4 admin will done creating that mtaomba ya @wornder wondering… Use the search box na pia the BOOKMARK BUTTON to remember posts n comments easily.

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hahahahhaha…oooky swits…you still owe me ethiopian @Deorro

Sijasahau kazi ndio mob saa huu

when the time is right bby …