Admin Umelemewa na Bots. Ask Us For Help

Kila siku ni posts Kama 20 za bots from China.

There was a suggestion about asking a question only a kenyan would know during registration. What happened? Coz these bots would be filtered out.

Unablock hizo ghaseer simple


Use 3 unique bot proof questions during registration and combine it with Administrator must verify user. A questions such as,

  1. Is a lizard an Amphibian or a reptile or a Fish or a Mammal
  2. What state is Nitrogen at room temperature. Solid, Liquid or Gas

Give absurd choices and you might even include spaces in the right answer such as a Lizard is a R e ptile, Bots get confused by just changing the place value of a binary e.g 1011101 in completely different from 101 11101

@admin just create a forum for the bots…

Bot Lives Matter!

This to me is an overkill, just ask something Kenyan like Wamlembez, Utawezana, Arap singh na Konyagi ni nani e.t.c…

@administrator only bots use Chinese characters in their thread Titles. Perhaps this guide could be of help

Add all chinese characters to the spam phrases section.

watuweke sisi wote tukuwe admins

Shida ni onions