@Admin saidia mujamaa

Hii ufala ya kuanikana kama nguo imerudi. Priss @admin saidia Nelson kupata mzungu wake. Na akina @Unicorn @Elin @Purr_27 pia munaweza saidia huyu mujamaa


Aki dryfry tulikua na yeye?, sasa mashida zikimshika ndio analilia watu…

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how do you get an erection with that thing???

Too many ladyboys in philipines. Huyu namshuku

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@junkie chunga vile unaongea juu ya @ Nelson

enyewe seriously hii rangi nyeupe is overrated

She is just a plain woman. Na vile @Okiya amesema, huyo ni shemale.

Phillipinos are wazungus now?

Welcome back @Angelic

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Also Rio De Janeiro

But Bangkok and Phuket take the crown for shemales. Huko mtu akienda chances of getting a tranny selling his wares in a club is very high.

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Yani hadi you’re warned to check foot size and Adam’s apple before you chipo.

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Hapana sahau Patong na Pattaya in Thailand. Then the ladyboys are the most beautiful more than them real girls, ukizuba utajipata na ndume msupuu

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Why do some Filipino and some Thai men go through tranny operations? It must be big business there just like the way fake tits and bums are common in Brazil and other parts of S. America.

Hio ya Thailand nimeiskia sana, it seems business of selling the flesh is booming that a man would turn himself into a woman.

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I guess the big reason is the cash one gets in the trade which sadly is legal in Thailand. Then there are some guys who fancy the shemale species and is the big reason why they travel to that part of the world just to get the feeling.

tranny looking face

Also some parents/adults will actually give their young boys hormone treatments in order to make money off tourists looking 4 lady boys.

Sad. That’s why the Philippines and Thailands have a negative global reputation

yaani how did this posting become about shemales!!