Admin nani ameanza tena atupwe Siberia. Na hatukuji inauguration yenu!!!!




It’s ok. He will be in jail soon.


:D:D:D:Dcop is dead… niggas about to face federal charges, drumpf is going down for sedition and incitement, and possible manslaughter

long live Uncle Trump lets re-strategize

Hehe kwani hampeani panga Tena?

Such a baby. Anataka kupembelezwa? Sore looser, chick mash, maggot yeye.

Guy just carried the biggest scam in a decade…eti Stop The Steal when it was him actually doing the steal…all those American Bonobos who contributed to tRump stop the steal movement…for some of them, reality may dawn on the in middle of taking a dump like a year from now:D:D

Who told him he is needed at the inauguration?..anze kutafuta Cube Movers mapema…and Melania will dump his behind before the year ends…mark this.




[SIZE=6]More empty threats.[/SIZE]




[SIZE=6]Mkiwa na @Electronics4u I think mnapenda empty threats sana. Vitisho baridi.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Na juu ya hio story mnanijazz.[/SIZE]



Na mbona hamwuulizagi Obama na Hillary na hata saa hii as we speak they are receiving donations for their foundations.

Or you think Obama’s new $12 million dollar palace was bought with a salary???

Or you think the Clintons 3 or 4 homes were bought from sheer hard work, blood and sweat???

Well we didn’t see them doing the steal like your Rethuglican Donny the whinny twamp.

Si uko na gugu find out about donations given to your DNC elites. I read that in a single dinner to a Clinton fund raiser a plate goes for $15,000 to $20,000.

Their annual budget is $250 million. Even dictators dead ones and live ones have contributed to the Clintons. All tax exempt.

Biden on his own raised $1.3 billion in donations beating Trump badly in 2019. And that is without touching DNC money. Democrat money machine sio mchezo.

Consider 99% of Hollywood celebs contribute to the Democrat candidates. This is before you count the small coins from hoi polloi.

I think people need to listen closely to what this deranged man is saying. Ni kama kuna mengine yamepangwa, did anyone see how they flipped the script about that drama at the capitol…


Ronald Reagan once said that “if fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” Now look at what they have become…!! And they really believe that what they’re doing, this unprecedented Big Tech censorship is a good thing. It’s mind control, and they want to control that sacred place in every human being by dictating what are “acceptable” thoughts and what isn’t. Oh liberals! Nietzche, in Beyond Good and Evil, wrote that “he who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes back at you.”

Ati the reason behind kicking him out of twitter is because he has refused to accept the results as legitimate. Hio ni fascism kabisa. Ati lazima ukubali matokeo by force and stop talking about election fraud again by force.

And Google play has removed parler just in case he heads there.

He will be judged very harshly by history. His legacy is in shambles. Trump is his own worst enemy.