Nimewaita mara ngapi ??? Kalisheni haga apo niwachapie

On a serious note why can’t we have other emoticons and emojis apart from the ones provided? I want to be able to put something else other than :smiley: when @Unicorn and sometimes @Female Perspective makes me laugh, coz that girl is very quick with them clapbacks and 90% are funny as hell. I want to put something else other than o_O when someones attempt at a joke or an irrelevant point backfires na sijasema @ol monk :D. See I used this shit again coz I have no damn options!!

Nataka kueka kale ka emoji ka kanakuanga na love heart kwa macho @Ice_Cube akirushia @Purr_27 mistari choke!!

In short what am I saying??? I don’t want my freedom of speech to curtailed due to the lack of options!

Nikimalizia niko na kiulisio… Nimenunua nyamabite my question is inaliwa na karatasi ama unatoa??

Otherwise kama @Unicorn unahisia njaa karibu tukule na wewe coz you’re witty and quick just the way I like them :D. Did you see what I did there?

Anyway nimemalisa. Mbicha ya emoji


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ukiita unicorn hivyo tena uta banniwa na manki

Haha acha nijitetee

All these to say…Wewe taka @Unicorn & her stoney avatar? Kiuliso tu…

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And also tell him that @Unicorn anapenda mandazi and not hio nyambite

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Too many words and theatrics just to say you got a teenage crush for Unicorn and FP? Dude, maneno mingi haina maana achia wamama.


wacha kumuitia nyama bite go straight to the point otherwise atakuja na crate ya stoney iende na hiyo nyama bite

@Mathice you’re funny you should try comedy :cool:

Naah I don’t have anything else in mind ni nyamabite only

Space reserved for witty comment

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Kweli wewe ni mzee mjinga…

Says the full grown man who was crying because of a girl who doesn’t even know her o_O

Thank you @Mzee mzima for your insightful contribution. I support you on this issue hundred paracent. :wink:
@admin ago chojo na atafanya mambo.

Derailment… Champion for the emojis and leave the idlers to talk their emptiness…


Thank you

mzee mzima what does a old cat drink?

How about a female staff…sent this serious request awhile back. It looks like the emojis are more important than gender equality? Nike meni!


Enyewe you’re weird so what tastes good according to you?


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