@admin/ moderator

I think it will be prudent to give individual listers power to delete comments on their individual threads while you retain overall authority to take down the entire thread if it does not adhere to set regulations(as opposed to the current method where by i have to report)

 For instance if i created a thread and(for demo purposes) @Nairobi lay commented and i feel his comment is not in spirit and letter of the thread add a delete button to each and every comment so me as the creator takes down that particular comment only. If my entire thread is not in good taste  you have authority to take it out entirely( off coz after severe warning)

This will significantly reduce cases of abuse,derailing and motivates content creators since he is like a mini admin on his thread

Food for thought!

As a mini derailer(@Supu don is the elder derailer) I object your idea.

Klost orphans can give heartbreaking testimonies about how that function was misused by some fucckers, wakiongozwa na Thirdman. For that reason, nazidi kukataa mheshimiwa.


The function will be abused by those that do not want the divergent opnions. Remember Klost kina crazydude, etc


What we need is sober moderation. NOT excited mod kama jakenya and his north korea antics

I love a healthy debate that stays sober focused and above all objective. I never mind jokes but when it gets personal i hate it.

si you just post in on facebook instead then,it wouldnt be a forum if we had the deletion rights on others comments

Request seconded by Snapdragon

Nakataa …by the way thirdman hajajua hii kijiji ama what happened.

rejected by wakanyama,majority leader

Rejected. Too much room for abuse


Ata mimi nakataa. You need to grow a thick skin to absorb those personal insults

And on that note too @admin give talkers who post comments the right to delete a thread like the one @imei2012 has posted and we dont like or agree with (…you see what am getting at)…Yes it will be abused. It was tested in Klist and it failed…give it a rest.

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Ok i rest my case seems the majority are against it hence i hurriedly withdraw my petition ladies and gentlemen

We, the Talkers, should be able to shiet on your thread. And we shouldn’t give you the job of wiping the shit off our asses, otherwise it will be faggery.

For that reason, your proposal is REJECTED!


use the report button which is available on all posts and comments. mods are ever present

mods and robots are ever present.

I totally object this. There are highly chances of abuse. What Admin should try if possible is have unlike button and when a post receive a certain unlike threshold from various members, then it’s automatically deleted. I know this may sound simple but it would be such a task in the back-end to perfect this though it all depends with the structure of the DB. AND AM OUT!!!


hapana leta ukoloni ya klost hapa.