ADMIN Jibu swali before we take matters into our own hands

Your silence on this issue is suspect,i and a group of Like-minded members who love our freedom and privacy are ready to take tough measures if you will not let us edit and/delete our threads.Sema n’gwe!!!


I too don’t like this… I shud have the power to delete or modify my own comments anytime I feel like

O.O son of a biscuit, kumbe ilitolewa, ni mods pekee wamepewa iyo privilege :mad:

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I hadnt noticed it was gone. Yup, this is definitely a problem. Needs to be addressed pronto.

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Google penalises a website if content disappears once it is indexed, this is to prevent that, once a user posts content they have a window of 1hour in which they can delete/edit that content after which deletion can be done through a request to a moderator. The content belongs to the creators of the content and deletion is reserved to the creators, thus requests to delete content have and will be accepted and enforced.

What do you mean penalises a website? Kwani you are getting bonga points for content? What are you losing exactly?


Admin you were misled by however told you that.Google treats forums,blogs and websites very differently.I would advice you to read up on the xenforo documentation for generating sitemaps.In the meantime let members delete/edit their content ASAP!!!

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Hata mimi nangoja the answer to your question

Google Ranking is very important, 50% of traffic to kenyatalk is organic search traffic, so search raking is an important metric.

Perhaps you are right, let me look into this and rethink this issue.

Kwani walianza kupenalise juzi how comes in klist one could delete his post . hata wazua , kenyagen one is allowed kudelete his post

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@Luther12 @Supu don na wengineo wamekutana na @Meria Mata. We all know you want traffic to your website. There are better ways of doing so instead of using such kind of tactics.

  1. Threads can be deleted by members. Lots have done so n also we comply with takedown requests by members.
  2. Kindly go through these and if you have evidence that we misused your submitted content in any way kindly show us…
  3. Will you tell us your real name? We prefer to keep our identity private. Unless over at your site the members know your real names. We are not in any way criminals and everything here is legit. I hand out with @Mkufuu doing cheki maneno sessions yet he doesn’t know my real names.
  4. Your content here helps various members in different ways.

    Just because on fools day we joked about Mpasho buying us does not mean they really did. Here is a list of all brands owned by Radio Africa Group

This is a source of concern, nevertheless if anyone raises a request for content deletion it will be done.

Sasa nikiita mtu nugu, then after an hour decide I should have called him ng’ombe, I will have to ask manki for permission?


Admin please let me remind you that member’s concerns come first and from the replies on this thread,its clear they want the thread editing/deletion option back.Kindly implement this ASAP. [SIZE=6]MEMBERS OWN THEIR CONTENT[/SIZE]


Nobody has disputed that fact.

Yes and it has always been that way,

what constructs are hindering the above?

Huyu @admin anasound kama rais wetu hakuna kitu anakataa …but its nice of him that he participates …

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W/O Ktalk where will you sewage rats go to? No where… So tow the line or develop yr own website na si tafadhali