Admin, Deorro, Mundu Mulosi, Electronics4u et al


Mbona mnaficha link ya All Threads huko kwa side drawer?

Toeni hii “New Posts” muweke “All Threads” hapo.

Ama hiyo text ya Kenyatalk on the left itolewe muweke “All Threads” in its place.

Na sio tafadhali.


Enough of these threads already, sasa ikiwa ati iko wrong place. WTF!


Iko fiti. Very easy to access. Ahsanteni


is it not ok that way?

Kwa Mobile view imefichwa kwa side drawer

I support

I second this motion

Okwonkwo say thank you first. You guys are annoying for real nkt. Where is it hidden…I can see it clearly. Oh the poor MoDs.

Give me your wife’s number. I need to ask her something. Such as how you demand the goods hehehehehehe.
I looked for you jana for a Sato morn Tete a Tete and saw an Onkwonkwo who is a new villager! nikajiremove haraka sana…

Who are you? And who’s this Onkwonkwo impostor.


Why did you change handle?

Really? Hebu niwekee mathighs pale inbox nihakikishe kama ni wewe.

I have explained myself so much hapa, kwa inbox, kwa simu…
OKI…because I was locked out. Cannot recall the email address I used when I registered so cannot reset password. I knew something like this would happen one day so am not fazed by it and not bothered by rankings.
Having said that ‘my mafans’ don’t like my new handle:):)I guess they prefer the old one as they could just add a liquor of their choice. Miss Muratina, Miss Mnazi, Miss Chang’aa, Miss Busaa…and so on and so forth. Now they are scratching their heads. Kikikikikiki. Napenda sana.

The way some guys are doing it is by asking me to quote our last convo. Twende nikwambie what we discussed last Sato alafu nikushow…lakini uvae shades. Mimi ni Shosho so you might not like what you see.:):cool:

Shosho unasumbua :smiley:

Hata mimi nataka kuona mathighs ya Miss Finest Shosho…:smiley:

Nimeleta efidense…checki box…sasa naleta shiero wrinkled next!

:D:D:D:D:D Ebu kwanza soma ile thesis nimetuma about the favour I asked from you. I will world remit the cash for the whisky I promised, nimesahau jina as I lost my inbox/office. Remind me pls ukimaliza kusoma which might be the year 2050:)

Alafu malipo ingine ni mbisha ya shiero. Invest in a pair of sunglasses tho. Mother’s Union undies and wrinkled thighs are what you will see shortly.

Btw @Okwonkwo could have a point, igweke ka icon mahali hapo juu…
Ama @Mundu Mulosi room ya comments na improvement imeisha??