Admin, Consider Rebuilding Your Search Index

@administrator Please fix your search tool.

This site has some old useful/entertaining threads that can only be accessed if you know their URLs. Your search tool is broken. It can only find recent postings. If 90% of your site cannot be found it might as well not exist.

What is the point of storing gigabytes of threads that can’t be found?


When has that stupid dog ever listened to talkers’ concerns?

Tonight I will rebuild it. It is huge and takes time. Thanks for the call out

True. From 2022 inaruka hadi 2017.
Fanya kazi


Why is Ruto developing breasts, is he transitioning?

I noticed a very weird thing. Apparently, after a specific period, the search function get reset, so you can only search the most recent and the oldest content in this kijiji. Its very annoying.

Two months ago I could acess ya three months then ikafutwa

U need young techie network…ni pm how to go next level…most def unalalia maskio

@administrator mbona threads za kitambo zimekunywa maji?


I will take it up on myselfu…to upgrade elders…tik no talk…together na admin akitaka