@Admin/ C.E.O Ktalk.. i think yr choice 4 KT mods was wrong

Your Mods na si kwa ubaya were machokosh and bad boys in Klost… I will explain kiasi

Look at pple like :-
Mundu Mulosi: this was a chief wanker in Klost…he used to post porno…he is Uwesmake best friend & villagemate.wanatoka jiji moja na uko Bungoma…interior ushago hivi bt walikuja nairobi juzi

Electronics4u: This one was not only a wanker bt also a member of Team Mafisi…this is a dude who stalks mamas online…sasa u patia him Mod pawas ,nigga is busy digging deep into Ktalkeresses Acct like Purr27 to get contacts

Deorro: ok huyu sitasema sana bt it seems his IT level of education iko down sana… e.g like in sum listing nigga says he has/will delete that kenyan chic in USA gagg sex tape…lakini the link has bn in Ktalk for a while

Ol Monk; Admin manze…how wud a person in his/her right mind make a monkey his/her moderator…a monkey 4 godsakes…

Anyway Admin these are my proposals to replace yr current mods…futa hizi takataka above and put the folloing members Mods

  1. Luther12: why not he is a Doctor and according to his past history in Klost, this nigga was a well learned nigga.

  2. Kabuda: like his name says ,he is a kabuda and i think juu amekula chumvi he has the capability of handling youngins in Ktalk. He knows and understands them…he is like a father figure

  3. 'Purr27: She could be the best replica of Supu the female mod in Klost bt unlike the latter Purr27 is a chic who does nt seem to hold grudges and handles things like matusi or flattering with well thought replies…she is also younger than the Klost fmr Moderatoress.

  4. Highschooler: Though his user name betrays him,this is a dude who knows alot about IT…bring him into your Government Admin and make him a CS…kumbuka this is the guy who gives us gazetti on a daily basis.

  5. This is Gold: the name says it all…the goldness, the pureness, the finess…

Think about it Admin…pls do…ni hayo tuu 4 now
Disclaimer: the poster @Jirani a.k.a -jay is not related in anyway with -TIG


Kwa hii thread wewe ni Jay…Si TIG


My nominations for moderator

  1. Cypher254


  3. Grace MSALAME

  4. Kamau

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Toa Kamau chokora hapo and replace with @Nevertities …she is better

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una maoni, lakini sioni yakifika hata mlolongo…


COOMER wewe sijakuuliza options op

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Nomination me no? Fags!

Hii obsesion uko nayo kwangu ni weird…



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Following. Ballots ziko?

kila mtu anatakanga nikue moderator haha

lakini iko tu sawa

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I know a monologue when i see one!

Highschooler mod.


Vile Nilikuwa nimesema… We should vote for temporary mods every 6 months


HAPO vujachieth ameongea point

hapa lugha ya mama imekugonga 10-0

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Am not @Jirani but you sir you are the biggest grammar nazi asshat.

hehehe wekeni @pamba


mbona aka replace f na v kama sio pronounciation yake iko hivo?

Exclude Dr luther from that list please… Utakua unaita mtu umbwa unabaniwa hadi 2058…kabuda also Hawezi kubali you chat up a damsel the fisi in him wont allow it so pia yeye out… Plus both would not allow any semblance of a thong being posted(hidden waweru syndrome?). Purr ako sawa ubaya itakua hindrance to us atheists and non believers posting our shit so pia yeye out! The only agreement i have is @highschooler who is a keen sympathizer of team kawasaki so yeye Nampa tick… Plus he doesn’t exhibit feelings
I think the best mod would be a person who participates less in the forum just a background wanker like @le scumbag, or @Lab or @mayekeke but these are busy people. this would ensure no partiality in moderating because he has minimal conflict with the users.
You jirani on the other hand might be funny as hell but umejaza feelings kwa gunia so no for me… In the meantime i think let’s continue with manki and Co. Besides they compliment each other with @Deorro ensuring monkey gets an endless supply of bananas from migori while @Electronics4u repairs watchman @Mundu Mulosi redio ntoko… On the other hand @Electronics4u ensures @Deorro gets cheap stolen flash drives to sell in campus thus a mutual benefit helping in cooling down the tempers… Ni hayo tu