Admin ban trumancapote

Either ban the cunt, or fix the website so that the block function works effectively. I have blocked the loony woman, but I still keep seeing her man-hating posts every second.

She can be free to post her rubbish anywhere else on the internet. She can form her own forum with @Lionheart.



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Wewe nilikuambia uoshe panties


The content of the sex and relationships forum has deteriorated so much. There is something wrong with the admin since he/she allows this. I hope he/she is responsible and doesn’t do illegal activities using our data. Unfortunately, he/she has the power now and we can only hope for the best.

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Approved hio mbwa Capote anafaa kuwa mathare mental hospital akifunguliwa boot na Wenda wazim wenzake

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Capote is the admin. It’s the reason we keep on seeing so much shit

Meffi wewe. Hii ni Post Nut Clarity ya kunyonga na avatar. Log out and come back after 3 days