@Admin...another blog with ktalk tag

http://www.kenyantalk.com/ [ATTACH=full]6464[/ATTACH]

si u threaten ama sue them ama you first wait they start making real money like the real mharo

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Hawa ni kama wale wanafunguanga shop kama yako hapo kando yako.

Not a real threat, Ktalk ndio baba yao

It depends when it was founded. Maybe it could be the other way round

Hii ni kenyatalk…sio kenyantalk…

Hiyo ni upuzi near exact match domains ni za ujinga. He/she will have a hard time competing against similar established(trafficked) domains. Search engines know such losers and dont give them credit. However, if they are older than Ktalk, too bad Ktalk beat them at marketing.

kitambo ilikua na hadi logo same sijui niaje aliamua kuchange

Hows the new village now that’s its Sep this is ktalk

@kev are you watching “blood and bone” the movie or a documentary on “blood and bone” for gardening/farming? Pls share link.

Pole been busy…its the movy


its 360p max so no lugs even with slow net

:frowning: looking for someone who has a reliable and legit source of blood and bone for gardening lol sorry i snooped through your open tabs