@Admin-17 Robots online

Admin,I was checking out and got this:

Total Online:77(50 Members;10 Guests;17 Robots)

Swali ni,hawa Robots ni kina nani?

foreskin kama wewe,kwani klost hakukuwa na robots?

I have nothing to comment especially on Unga lovers.May God see you through and add you kales to escort

Robots ni ma alter ego ya wutu fulani hapa. Kaa mii nikitoka, uwanaingia robot mode. My alter ego is ever present … just incase some important hekaya deserve my immediate attention. . My ego imma holla

Ukipita village elder unakuwa village robot

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ni multiple handles za @highschooler

Those are search engine bots; bing, google, yahoo, yandex, ahref, majestic etc

Umeskia Homo Wanyama!!

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@Wakanyama is a retarded fag, I doubt if they are marketable lately.

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I suggest he be promoted to the title “Village Retard”

na wewe uwe village kihii

On condition that we showcase our Ngwatis to see who is the real kihii.


Men never fight boys and to make matters worst retards!!

@Atheist naona umeanza kunizoea

The only homosexual ni @ web dev