Ng’oa thread yoyote ama any comment touching on the armed forces of Kenya. Be it water,air or land. Let us remain the way we were. Just villagers. Even these calls for jazzman to be re-instated is just bull crap. He is a demented oxymoron. Let us go back to basics. Villagers.

Stand up mahn!!!

I second it

Its getting too much here. Don’t allow your village be a field for speculation for any tom and deek concerning the military

Mbona wang’oe?

Its useless. Let the guys who live in barracks live there. We in village dwell here

Oxymoron inakuwanga nini ama ndio oxtail inakuwanga mkia yake ?

Ni mkia ya momo, chenji type

@admin while at it, ng’oa pia zile thread zina demean Raia mkuu. Honourable rtd lazima aheshimiwe

Its just 6 days. Moderators,plz stand up. Forces are apolitical. Linking them to otherwise and allowing it,is being inconsiderate to the chair the president sits on and sells away our boundaries.

And they have said it over and over. They are a non entity in politics.

Well put @bjurmann

Nani amesema za Uhuru zingolewe?ngombe ya soko mjinga

ngangari hapa ruler kwa mkono mmoja na red Biro kwa ingine.
Equator lazima zishorwe zikiwa straight line.
Ama namna gani?


Ndio,lazima mstari itembee na sio tafadhali

Semeji niaje

Buju I disagree on reinstating @Jazzman.

I don’t see any problem in reinstating him because He has never said anything negative about our men neither has he ever criticised you guys. Remember how he defended our air tractors?
But if there is anyone yapping up and about without any factual information on the subject matter, thread ichujwe saa iyo.

The guy posted a pic of 2007 victim. And had no apologies. Tuko election mode now. And he is worse. Dude has no respect for the elderly. And he forgot he is heading there

@bjurmann while at it should we also delete all your comments and threads about RWNBP since you are a member of the forces and you are supposed to be apolitical?

ama on that you have freedom of expression?

Nice observation. If he wants us to see the army as being apolitical, he should lead by example.

i fully support… @Jazzman na mono baller wakule equator ya miaka fifty kama mama shaito.