adinistration of mchele, pishori

We have heard many HEKAYAS of people getting drugged in their own houses only to wake up naked in an empty room with just a condom on. What about the other side of the coin, Using pishori to subdue an unwilling female billl cosby style, I know there are some Hekayas also, So if you have ever used any drug to knock out a female share your story.
The only time I DFHKM someone who is unconscious was back in the day, when I was still in High school, our school was the best in the region so when we had a function atleast ten schools would attend, One weekend we were hosting Science congress by noon I had Identified my prey we talked for a while but she had to present her Home science project that noon, we parted ways but agreed to meet later in the evening . In the meantime I went aroud trying my luck but never suceeded , I guess it was because I was looking forward to the date .
4:30pm all presentation s were over I found her with her girlfriend lucky for me I had “nonini” with me, so I introduced him to the girls being a fisi nicknamed nonini for his powerfull lines and also his claim that he was from Nairobi, he knew what was happening he immediately engaged the other girl, I asked her to escort me to the school farm because I needed to check my plot of beans(KCSE project) , to get to the plots you had to go through several rows of bananas, as soon as we got to the bananas and out of sight i held her hand and she didn’t resist, being a fisi i decided to put my arm round her waist and see the reaction she didn’t seem to mind either mmm…this was a good sign, my transformer was now throbbing like the engine of an old Chevrolet lorry.
When got to the plot my intentions had changed from looking at my beans to touching her bean (touching with my hand then was enough to have me shoot buckets of hot semen). we sat by the fence, the grass was green and lush, my hand still stuck to her waist as if held by a spell I confessed my love for her while staring into her eyes as they do in James bond movies, I didn’t wait for her response, I then was not a believer of mouth to mouth kissing so I went for her neck she was startled by my move but she just sat there. I slowly placed my other arm on the side of her head and slid the other hand -which had been glued to her waist- between her shirt and her belly she moaned and put her hands around my torso…To cut long story short, I caressed her and she fainted, I guess it was from over excitement, we were all new in the game anyway; nilimrukia kama jogoo in one minute i was done nikamvalisha panty vizuri na nikaanza first aid when she came around everything was in order except her blouse which I had unbuttoned while giving first aid, She kept asking me if had done anything and I admitted that I gotten carried away by the devil, we knelt and rebuked the work of the evil one, we also prayed that she woudn’t get pregnant and suprisingly she never did. We kept in touch for a while exchanging " massives" as it was called then. I cleared high school and never heard from her again .

Hehehehehehe… You’re mad


hehehe. Wewe! crazy.

heheheheheh…only on kenyatalk

Feminazis wakiona hii

Jamaneni. Hapa hadi tuna rapists.

i prefer my females tipsy not unconscious

hio part ya…she fainted…is funny. Good hekaya though!

Hey guys. We do not condone any form of non consensual sexual exploitation being discussed in this village.
@Osiris please pull this thread down.

nafikiria wewe ni mjaluo,hao ndiyo huwa wanadinya hata maiti

Ulifundishwa paragraphs shuleni ama ulikuwa unangoja breaktime na P.E. pekee?


Upto now I am not sure if she consented or not, because the last thing she did was pulling me closer then she went limp.

wakanyama said it all

I am using my phone dummy so its so hard typintyping such a story.

I Know…NKT

Hmmmm. Interesting.

mmmmm umama…(Sneering)

Weeee Osiris. Fire the base regardless. Its a condition called sexwalking where a person has sex in their sleep/unconcious and enjoy it. So Mods wapeleke kelele ------------------------------------------------------->> Team mafisi tunatambua hiyo condition.

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Is it statutory rape if both parties are minors? Is there a lawyer here?


You made my day

And that part about “being a fisi”

@Osiris Bill Cosby has read your thread and he be like…

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