Adele Anyango speaks out about bullying

Kiss 100’s Adelle Onyango is the
latest victim of cyber bullying
after some haters posted a photo
of her with an ape. Even after
this malicious attack, Adelle had
this message to make her haters
feel helpless.
Read it below;
Bumped into this in my mentions.
Ever since my first stint with
cyber bullying and being involved
handling bullying and its effects, I
have done a lot of reading on it.
Seeing the number of suicides
linked to bullying broke my heart.
Your memes/ tweets etc could be
the last nail in someone’s coffin
….you ready to deal with that? And
#TeamADELLE y’all are young
people some of whom are being
bullied now ……it is NOT it is not
a reflection of YOUR character or
YOUR beauty NO. But a reflection
of the bully’s DAMAGED
character!! I hope these words do
something for you! KEEP SMILING