Additional Categories needed.

That is Health and Fitness coz Talkers need to enlighten each others on matters of health. Another one is jokes and funny stuff. And last but not least is jobs and careers.


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i support this suggestion

Let’s hear what the talkers have to say about this and i’ll look in to it. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Who are you in KTalk? Hauna badge ya Staff Member!

I’m KTalk’s Unicorn…literally.

evening chat section na fitness secion ama

Kwani wewe ni judas?

apana I am @highschooler

Great suggestions i support

I second that too.

My suggestion: Please come up with several threads on above issues,(Health & Fitness, Jokes etc) under General Forum. Then lets see how talkers embrace or react to them. The number of forums has to be limited otherwise @kichwakibovu will ask for his forum(mharo news?) which am sure will have 100 threads per hour. But what value will they add to K/talk? tafakali hayo.

I support kichwa muharo apewe forum yake tuwache kugongana na yeye kila pahali.

hahaha ati kichwa muharo