Addis Ababa

Nice road but…magari na watu wanapishana kama siafu

I think the video has been fast forwarded, mbona no collisions

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try that in kenya uone gridlock wazimu, everybody just jumps in even if there is no exit

hii ni uchawi

I think its sooo obvious and visible that its been fast forwaded bt thats not the reason as to why hakuna collisions!

Yaani ni roundabout tu hakuna hapo! Tsk tsk!

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ha ha kweli hawana crazy matatu kama paradiso

huko siwezi toboa na bangi zangu.kwanza keeping right ni tafash

hehe kama siafu kweli, this guys must be very disciplined and disorganised

There is a mini junction like this in westlands on your way to Kileleshwa off chiromo road…Ohhh it makes me want to pull my hair out every time when the cops are not there


With those legs let me pull your hair :slight_smile:

The one in Yaya is close to this and it causes all manner of chaos when there are no cops.

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The same road that came in mind when I saw this. Even that road joining ngong road from yaya. Man!! So much chaos especially when the cops are not around. But I have never understood why that cross road on Argwings Kodhek lacks some traffic lights. All those deadlocks would have been avoided if they had the lights there and make sure guys adhere to them like they do in town.

No thanks

Kenyan drivers are a menace even abroad, a kenyan ll own a car having no idea where the accelarator pedal is, within a week the guy zooms past @ 120 kph.

That should be a plus, it means they are fast learners.

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I expected that answer but remember THE WALL!