Addis Ababa

Headed there for a night on my way back to work
Any recommendations?

Following closely, will be there on Friday for two days


Nimeona reflector yako ya boda boda.

Ni bag ya seat mate

iba headphones na lotion uniletee

hehe u can go V lounge, on a good nyt its quite lively or club ultra or shebtsa ama unde yod abyssinia if u are into cultural dances and stuff.

The best thing is to do is take a yellow cab and dont pay more than 200etb ambia cab driver akupeleke a good club arould area ya edna mall, utapenda sana

courtesy of Ktalk, Philosopher Jimit has finally seen the insides of a plane

hehehe unataka kusema dude ameenda kuendesha Captain Addis

Its a trap usiingishwe box na uwesmakende. Junkie was there

its good to save a brother hehehe


Jincheng Selassie.

Safari njema…don know how people board planes sober…mi huwa niko tipsy and the last to board na kazi kumshow hostes na neighbour kuwa wasiniruke time ya food na drinks…this kiroundi nikicam hadi mse wa JKIA alicheka akiskismell bob marley cologne na kijana ana head to amsterdam…heard him tell the chicks wa boarding huu mse si ashafika pahali anaenda…din give a fuck ma niggz
@Mwendabai Albert has had a glimpse of the blaze we smoke and huko unaenda kuna strain noma if you keep your eyes open[ATTACH=full]144500[/ATTACH]

Drink all the WD40 you can and eat as many sandwiches as they can serve.
Ukishuka ukuwe umesahau mahali ulipark nduthi.

Wewe leo inaonekana umelewa.

Next time fly Kenya Airways

He is flying KQ already, just zoom and see.

Uzalendo is a good thing to have

Absolutely, uzalendo muhimu ndugu.