Adding some meat on me!

Need to add some meat on me now Wadau.
Am at a point in life that’s comfortable (Yeah yeah, I know, that word is relative). But sasa it’s time for money to work for me, no the way it has always been till sometimes last month.

Need to add some meat on me and No! Msiniambie nyama choma and beer.

My body is the athletic type (ebrufication ni wewe na watu wenu) but of late kitambi is setting in.

Need to have some meat on equitably shared, sio kitambi on my thin legs.
Hitting the gym bigtym issaNO. I do my stuff in the house and those exercises are enough.

Niongeze chakula kipi Wadau?

Tafuta khupipi, stress iingie then you will binge eat…voilla!

Stress eating is what made @Finest wine to be the finest barrel:D:D:D

Stress zangu were caused by having 2 kids on the same day! pia wewe unaweza poteza kichwa…ng’ee x10 24/7 kikiki. Nilikonda sana but things are good and easy now. Besides I like ‘me’ a good workout, I also love cooking and eating good food so that keeps everything v balanced.

Wewee explain your avator to him before I do it.

Hakiyao samehea mimi na sitarudia. I’d rather not explain the avatar. It is up for personal interpretation.



Khupipi yuko.Fine lady PYT whips finger licking dishes like nonsense. Bedminton pia iko on top na mapenzi ni teletele.Now I just wanta sit back and relax.


Sacrifice a mother makes is immeasurable.

Indeed. Yale nimepitia ni mengo na inaonekana our plates will always be full at whatever said they are in in their lives. A few that know me well here have walked the journey with me and I will always be grateful for their support.

These xmas ebu mtumie mum mpesa instead of going on tinder and this message is not directed at you.

I don’t think my advice is going to help you, let me save it for a rainy day