Hey guys newbie here…Got diagnosed with ADHD a few years back. Been away for a bit and just got back to Kenya. Where can i get Adderall to swap.Got a some 30mg XR to swap for 20mg or 10mg as those work better for me plus I dont need for the whole day cos it gives me insomnia especially without my girlfriend around to help a brother sleep. Any links, takers or suggestion will be much appreciated.

Kupata adderall ni ngumu hapa Kenya. Just chew miraa.

I wish that would work but it doesn’t work for me. It gives me a terrible headache just like caffeine pills.

Vijana mko na shida mingi sasa

Is ADHD even real ama ni vitu mnajiwekelea tu?

Mental sickness is real, the least you can do is not being an insensitive bastard

In many places, amphetamine and all its derivatives and enantiomers are considered contraband because of abuse potential. Methylphenidate (Concerta/Ritalin) is available, is efficacious and has better side effect profile

It doesn’t always work everybody. I tried it in the early days of my diagnosis. I have a prescription but they cannot give more than a month’s supply at once. At least my hard nose doctor won’t do it. Now i’m literarily left desperate as i don’t like taking the XR one i had before.

This is such an ignorant statement. Might be better to stay silent if you aren’t got nothing helpful to say to your brother.

@HeyKemosabe help a nigga out

ritalin ndio iko kenya
unaenda na pescription na watakupea

You have to go get a prescription for anything to help with mental issues. Don’t buy from randos on CL or back streets … you’d just be looking for trouble.

Hizi ni zile opportune conditions wazungu criminals in general especially serial killers hutumia ndio wasirushwe gas chamber.

Meanwhile bonobos badala zijitetee hazikuwagi na akili timam na zilikuwa high on PCP when they did the crime, huwa zinaambia judge, “Fuck you biaaach do your worst!”

Na zinamalizia na middle finger. 75 years years later the same bonobo is on TV crying, “You know they never gave me the chance to explain myself. I was an innocent black man in a racist country, they locked me up for 75 years for a crime I did not…”

Niko na kibangi…utachukua? Always seems to calm down my mind…

Mental illness is real and I have done a course on it.