Acne and Eczema

Hi People,
Kindly recommend a good and affordable Dermatologist.I’ll appreciate your leads…

first things first!,
how old are u ?


Male or Female?


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such an obvious question…check my name


Ukitaka usaidizi kwa hili jiji…mtu hunyenyekea kidogo

kwani haujui sarcasm ni nini…I said check my name coz am female and hes still asking if am male or female



village doc @Luther12 kuja usaidiane

No thanks…kaa na advice yako

Don’t mind these people. Don’t take it serious.

Hehe thanks I won’t…

@Deorro we ndo umedelete iyo post???

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@Jazzman overtakes @chuka & @Chief Kivoi in one quick move


Wash your face with warm water and sabuni ya kipande.
Avoid wearing kofia /Marvins.
Apply soducrem.

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Sasa @Hellen. Don’t experiment with those products. I have seen someone I know try out different products recommended by dermatologists but none has ever worked. The trick is to change your eating habits and hygine. It is difficult but works best. Avoid things you are allergic to completely, drink a lot of water and wash your face in the morning and before you go to sleep. Also avoid touching your face too much. It is a complete behavioral change but it works.

Thanks Dennis…but most of what youve said nimefanya…drinking lots of water,detoxing ,diet change,hygiene top notch.Yes it has helped kidogo.Thats why am resorting to see a Derma coz it may be hormonal too.

Thanks but right now am avoiding self diagnosis…tried different things but narudi tu square one.
Noted …on the kofias and marvins