Ace of Base -- Anyone remember them?

Geez, nowadays its like we have even forgotten about what good music sounds like…they had music in them days…

One of the many all time greats. Love it.

However, this outfit had one of the WORST sophomore slumps ever in music history considering the mega smash that was their debut. Their 2nd effort (1995) was a complete dud compared to their massive, enjoyable first album above (1993). Some bright spots though, 3rd time around (1998), but the magic of their debut was never replicated :(:(:(:(:(:

That’s always the case with most artists, the first is always a classic, raw and creative .

There’s this school of thought in the music industry that you basically have your whole life (up until its release), to write your debut album. You have 15-20+ years to cherry-pick your best content. That’s one of the reasons why for some “not-so-talented artists,” it will always be the best thing they ever release.

When music was music!

Takes me back to the 90s.
Growing up in the 90s was a blast.

Ace of Base’s Secret Nazi Past
[SIZE=4]Before he founded Ace of Base, Ulf Ekberg was a neo-Nazi skinhead. Did Ekberg use Ace of Base’s success as an opportunity to erase his neo-Nazi past and rise to a position of geopolitical influence?[/SIZE]
[li]Benjamin Shapiro[/li]
Apr 25 2013, 12:00pm;center,center&resize=600:*


Pole wasee.


Abba,Abba, Abba…!!!
No saying yes to nonsense music.

Mamma Mia!
I looove Abba.