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I love these ladies…the 90s Disco Mood ticked off would have nuns and sisters etc. etc. out on the prowl!
BTW featured within the TOP 10 “Psychopathy”
=>Serial Killers: fall right in place; and this is not a case that arises during a mass shootings; they used to say 21 or 3 independent sessions o f yadi yada yobo yobo…
=>Cops: Particularly detectives to the umpteenth; it goes with out saying, that you set a thief to catch a thief, or study Kiriamiti and Houdini.
=>Clergy: The shepherd who tends to your spiritual nourishment of the flock, and an excellent manipulator; ant to be sure, listen to “Sade–Twisted Taboo”. For particularly catholic the tendency is highly amplified; the daunting task of trying to rehabilitate a die hard team mafisi secretary general. Many get more game than the demented fellaz who assert they were players, albeit thriving in the red districts.
=>Politicians: Needs no explanation whatsoever.
=>Surgeons, and Particularly Neuron Surgeons: Enda uchunguze Dr. Think Big a la Ben Carson, and the delirium that confounded him following an unsuccessful presidential bid on the GOP ballot, and inexplicably denied ever having run! Kuna makombamwiko huko ndani. Despite having performed the first Siamese Twin separation, or closer to if not specifically doing so… Upon being psyched up by the high school principal, was a very flamboyant and driven man, and who wielded ascendancy to greatness each time he spoke, got me locked into it, and I’m thankful he revealed his tale to us. Ben Carson from a poor single mother household who struggled very hard to raise them. He acquired some encyclopedia, or something of the sort, and read from cover to cover, and in light of his shy and goofy demeanor no one thought much of him, yet when the Geography teacher raised a stone and asked if any of the students knew the name, there was a pronounced silence, and thereafter, pensively, and half way speaking and as much a trembling episode identified the stone; that momentous incident, I believe he opined, was the key that drove him to do what all of you are familiar with.
Another reason is: When you are operating on a brain, and clamp the wrong tissue, one might start pooping from the front and vice versa for peeing; tersely, steady hands under high pressure…
=>CEOs: No explanation needed either, and those fellaz who are driven and wouldn’t think twice about stepping on others as he ascended, and the unspoken prerequisite of mercilessness of a special ilk. Not all are psychopaths, but a disproportionate proportion prominently feature such mannerisms.
=>Used Car Salesmen: Need I provide an explanation?

Ohh I had gotten distracted:

Wale wasee hujenga nyumba anajua itaporomoka paipu.