according to aljazeera.....

An al-Shabab military spokesman says the armed
group has killed about 25 Kenyan police officers in a
village north of the town of Garissa, where fighters
killed 148 students in April.
Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab said on Tuesday that 20
officers were killed when al-Shabab fighters
ambushed them on Monday night in Yumbis village,
70km north of Garissa, while more officers were
killed when a police vehicle hit a landmine planted
by the fighters, Reuters reported.
“We took all their weapons. There were some
Kenyan forces that escaped in the course of the
ambush fighting,” he said, adding that five police
vehcles had been burnt.
Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow said Garissa police
had confirmed that 20 officers had been killed in the

This is where i just hope and pray that this is Hekaya.

Heard it somewhere else, si hekaya. We are totally screwed.

A few days after Duale declares that he has no list to give and he does not answer to anyone…With friends like Duale surely Jubilee does not need enemies.

A few months ago it was mandera, tukadhani that is too far, now they are in Garissa, next utaskia ukambani hapo ndio tutajua si mchezo, selfie zitapigwo na ma hashtags ziwekwe twitter


I surely now hope that the above link by Standard online is not HEKAYA

hapo ukweli ethiopia pia is testing the waters

It is reported that the Ethipians took over a police station which the local admin denied saying they were checking their borders…
We are furked

Nkaiserry says no police were killed

You would think Al shabaab would have pictures to back up their claims. I don’t believe their claims

Alshabab to produce mbisha of the dead police or else this is hekaya & propaganda.

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Don’t believe everything you read in the media. Where is the mbisha of them taking over? Why do we have mbisha of Ugandan soldiers in migingo but not this?

Ni hekaya, they have confirmed that the police are safe but a few are injured.

The media was too excited on this one. But, we need to do more to prevent further loss of lives to Al Shaboobs.

Its no secret that Aljazeera has a soft spot for Alshabab and acts as their mouthpiece in the international stage. I am not surprised that no nonsense states such as Egypt and Ethiopia have no patience with this media outfit.

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Kenyan media are always in competition to be the first to relay breaking news. Verification before transmission is not always a priority. Problem is when they are held accountable, they shout themselves hoarse ati media freedom.

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In all this remember Obama is coming in July and the country has to appear to be “safe”.