According to Alai: Body bags zilitumika

Hii inaweza kuwa pang’ang’a za Alai au ukweli.

“Governor Anyang Nyong’o on Saturday visited Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary where the four corpses were taken.
One of the four bodies brought in by the police on 23, August 2017 is said to have had two holes in the chest and seemed like it has been in the water for about two weeks.
The bodies were allegedly dropped into the lake by a police chopper that was hovering around the area after the presidential election results were announced.”

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is that a mortuary seriously?? na jinga ziko inje ya supreme court ziki demonstrate. tumieni hiyo nguvu ku effect a citizen’s arrest on Jack Ranguma.

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Weeeee uku ni wapi… Aaaaiiii hapana

congo drc,shameful


honestly, hizi propaganda za luos are making me have zero symphathy for whatever they say has been done to them. what do they gain? this is stupidity and works against them


This is so low, seriously?!!
We accepted and moved on ,
Anyone propagating such info should be behind bars!


Kenya Alerts has confirmed

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Uko na link to the story

Link please.

Ndiyo hii link ya standard media

Was he in a body bag…:D:D:D

-fact - those bodies above are not in kisumu or even kenya

  • fact- a body (1) recovered in l. victoria with bullet holes. speculation that it was dumped there by police is just that,
    -speculations- that there were 4 others by anyang nyongo is just that.

Moved on to where

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Ktalk csi saidia


Only githeri man reached canaan

back to work…:D:D:D

They have to justify all those reckless claims they were making before the elections to give their claims of rigging some credibility.
People have grown tired of their endless claims.
KDF drafted to engage in rigging, NSIS, IEBC, KBC, KNUT, KWS, KWFT, MWK etc etc.
AL Ghurair,
Cloud tallying centers,
Adopt a polling station.

Am tired.


Am tired.


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Hizi photos might be real, hakuna any results on google reverse search